Paul Friend Hypnotherapy
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Tel:    (01543) 406319

Mob:  (07530) 371497


General Conduct

I undertake to:

Conduct myself at all times in accord with my professional status and in such a way that neither undermines public confidence in the process or profession of hypnotherapy nor brings my professional body into disrepute.

Conduct my practice in a manner consistent with upholding the good name of the profession and avoid any statements or actions that bring the profession of hypnotherapy into disrepute.

Protect the public and the profession from unethical, unsafe or bad practice or behaviour.

To respect the integrity and status of other recognised health care professionals and to conduct myself in an appropriate & professional manner in dealings with them.

Client Welfare

I undertake the following:

To make the well being of the subject my prime concern and have the client’s best interests in mind at all times.

To use plain English.

To be open and honest with my clients.

To work in ways that promote client autonomy & well-being and that maintain respect & dignity for the client.

To earn the confidence of my clients, offering to each a full measure of service.

To be respectful towards my clients.

To act in a non-biased, non-prejudicial manner towards my clients, providing them with an identical quality of service and treatment irrespective of the many differences which are to be found between them, including but not limited to their race, gender, sexual orientation, disability etc.

To present all services and products in an unambiguous manner (including any limitations and realistic outcomes of treatment) and ensure that the client retains complete control over the decision to purchase such services or products.

To produce programmes that are specifically designed for each client to meet their individual needs.

To complete a client’s therapy in the minimum number of sessions.

To ensure sessions are free from interruption.

To provide treatment consistent with a duty of care and within my own knowledge, competence and experience.

To remain aware of my own limitations and wherever appropriate, refer a client to another practitioner (regardless of discipline) who might be expected to offer suitable treatment.

To recommend that a client seek medical advice where appropriate.

To never, under any circumstances, advise a client to discontinue any course of treatment as prescribed by a Registered Medical Practitioner.

To advise clients to first consult their GP regarding any condition that may have a physical basis or cause.

To never knowingly offer advice to a client that either conflicts with, or is contrary to, that given by the client’s registered medical advisor(s).

To seek consultation with other professionals in difficult situations or when the client will obviously benefit.

To refer the client to another Hypnotherapist if this is in their best interests.

To be aware of other therapies & specialisms that may benefit the client, and to refer the client as appropriate.

To never, under any circumstances, offer, promise or guarantee cures for any conditions, or to make misleading claims or statements as to the outcome of the services I offer.

To make every effort to ensure that the client is made aware that it is their own power and internal resources that produces changes.

To maintain a professional relationship with clients within appropriate boundaries that allow the client to maintain and develop independence and autonomy.

To discuss ethical dilemmas with a clinical supervisor and / or other experienced & qualified therapists as appropriate.

To obtain the written consent of an appropriate adult (i.e. parent, legal guardian or registered medical practitioner) before conducting treatment with minors or persons with special needs.  An appropriate adult should be present wherever possible during sessions, provided it is considered to be in the client’s best interests.

To require children (under 16 years of age) to have a parent / guardian present during consultations.

Health & Safety

I undertake the following:

To take all reasonable steps to ensure the health & safety of my clients and those accompanying them.

To ensure that my workplace and all facilities offered to both clients and their companions will be in every respect suitable & appropriate for the service provided.

To maintain my premises in which I conduct therapy to a suitable, hygienic and professional standard and also maintain my own personal appearance & hygiene to a professional standard.

The Law

I undertake to:

Comply with the law in all respects, particularly noting the requirements with regard to the treatment of clients in relation to race, religion, age and gender status.


I undertake the following:

To maintain strict confidentiality within the client / therapist relationship, provided that such confidentiality is neither inconsistent with my own safety or that of the client, the client’s family members or other members of the public, nor in contravention of any legal action where a court order is made demanding disclosure or legal requirement.

To clearly explain patient confidentiality in the initial session.

To keep all records confidential and safe and ensure that all records are destroyed within three years of the last client contact.

To seek the client’s informed consent to use their information for case studies, research, publications, or other purposes.  In using this information I will ensure that the Client’s identity is disguised to the extent they cannot be recognised by others.

To disclose to clients any research in which the client’s therapy and / or information may be involved and to obtain full informed, written consent before starting any such research.

To obtain written permission from the client (or if appropriate the client’s parent / legal guardian) before either recording client sessions, discussing undisguised cases with any person whatsoever, or publishing cases (whether disguised or not) via any medium.

To inform Client’s if audio or visual recordings of sessions are made and obtain their written consent in advance.  I will only use recordings within the bounds agreed with the Client.


I undertake to:

Disclose my qualifications when requested and to make the evidence of such qualification available for inspection.

Disclose full details of all relevant memberships, training and experience.

Never claim to have qualification or credentials that I have not earned.  Neither shall I use designated letters to which I am not entitled.

Supervision & Continuing Professional Development

I undertake to maintain and improve my level of skill and professional competence.  This could include:

Holding meetings with a colleague (or colleagues) to discuss, in confidence, ongoing cases and issues arising from them and to work through any personal matters that might affect their own position or ability as practising therapists.  Such arrangements can take a variety of forms, the most usual of which are either personal one to one Supervision, or participation within a Peer Support Group.

Undertaking continuing training, either formally, by attendance at relevant courses, workshops, seminars and conferences, or informally by relevant reading and research.

The utilisation of appropriate audit tools, e.g. client feedback forms, care aims forms etc.

Maintaining an awareness of research and developments within both hypnotherapy and other related fields.


I undertake to:

Hold appropriate indemnity insurance that adequately covers my professional practice and public liability.

Disclose the terms and conditions of my insurance upon request.

Advertising, display of credentials and use of specific titles

I undertake to:

Ensure that all advertising, no matter in what form or medium it is placed, is accurate & truthful and that any claims made can be substantiated.

Display only valid qualifications and certificates issued in respect of relevant training courses and events or certificates of registration, validation or accreditation as issued or awarded by relevant professional bodies.


I undertake to:

Take appropriate action in the event of a complaint.

Delivery of service

I undertake to:

Explain fully to clients in advance of any treatment: the fee levels, precise terms of payment and any charges which might be imposed for non-attendance or cancelled appointments.

‘In advance of any treatment’ means that not only should terms and conditions be set out in advance, but that they should be further clarified at the initial consultation when additional information about the client’s needs is obtained.  If for therapeutic reasons, this needs to be modified (e.g. to extend the treatment plan) then any effect this has on the terms & conditions and pricing will be clearly explained to the client.

Fully explain all confidentiality issues to the Client, including the use of their information (if appropriate).