Paul Friend Hypnotherapy
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As well as the traditional one-to-one and group hypnotherapy, I also offer training in self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is for people who wish to learn how to induce and manage the hypnotic state for themselves.  I teach you to safely take yourself into hypnosis, to deliver affirmations, the hypnotic programmes you have written for your self, and to safely end the hypnotic experience.

Once you have learnt this process you can change, improve, enhance almost any area of your life on your own.  You have access to instant relaxation that you can use anywhere where it is safe to do so.  Just think of all the areas in your life in which self-hypnosis can help; interviews, exams, pain control, better health, child birth, becoming a non-smoker, weight loss; the list goes on forever.

I also offer a specialist self-hypnosis course for people involved in Sport.  These are over five sessions each of two hours and focus on:

Self-hypnosis techniques

Overcoming obstacles to reaching your goals

Creating the right attitude

Visualising success

Creating the right state of mind for competition

Achieving your goals

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