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Everyone knows that a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is recommended for a healthy lifestyle.  However if you’ve tried every diet available and have found they simply don’t work for you, it may be because diets do not address the root cause of why individuals overeat.  Research shows that over half of us have dieted at some time in our lives and at any one time, as many as three of us are on a diet.  The truth is, however, for many people dieting on its own doesn’t seem to work.

The human body has an amazing mechanism for letting us know when we are hungry and when we are full.  Those who overeat often ignore the signs of being full and continue to eat.  There are a number of reasons why individuals may do this, such as eating so fast that the signals of being full are missed, and a desire to clear the plate so food is not wasted (this may have been taught at an early age by parents).

Other reasons people overeat may be because they are bored, lonely, rewarding themselves or protecting themselves.  Many of these reasons can be traced back to an emotional event that happened in an individuals past and has remained locked in their subconscious mind (even if it’s no longer in their conscious mind).  The need to eat often satisfies our mind rather than the physical need to eat to survive.  Changing the role food plays in our lives can be the key to long-term weight loss.

Signs of overeating

How can hypnotherapy help with weight loss?

Hypnotherapy can help an individual to identify the emotional event(s) that caused their attitude to food to develop.  Accessing the subconscious mind can lead to the underlying root cause, and once this has been recognised it can often be dealt with.  Hypnotherapy can help to create different attitudes towards food and allow new eating habits to be developed. Individuals can gain back control of how much they eat and only eat until their body signals that they are full.

Hypnotherapy can help an individual to:

Analytical hypnotherapy is often more effective than suggestion hypnotherapy for weight loss as it seeks to find the root cause.  However suggestion hypnotherapy can also be used in mild cases.

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