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Insomnia is the disturbance of a normal sleep pattern, and it’s estimated that approximately one in four people will suffer from the condition at some point in their life.  Sleep is a state of consciousnesses, which gives an individual time to rest and build up their strength.  Insomnia can leave people feeling drained and exhausted, resulting in poor performance at work, lack of concentration and irritability.

Some people need more sleep than other people, and age often influences the amount of time an individual spends sleeping.  Generally, a baby needs about 16 to 17 hours of sleep a day, an older child needs about 9 to 10 hours, and most adults need approximately 7 to 9 hours each day.  However, this varies from person to person, their lifestyle, diet and environment.  Anyone can suffer from insomnia, however sleeping problems are very common among menopausal women, the elderly, smokers, alcoholics and the ill.

Insomnia can last for days, weeks or even years and can be extremely distressing, exhausting, depressing and frustrating.  If the condition lasts 2 to 3 days it’s often referred to as transient insomnia, if it lasts for more than a few days but less than 3 weeks it’s usually referred to as short-term insomnia, and if it lasts for more than 3 weeks it’s referred to as chronic insomnia.  Chronic insomnia can lead to other health conditions such as depression and the misuse of drugs or alcohol.



There are a number of reasons individuals may suffer from insomnia, including:

Tips for self-help


Hypnosis is often an effective treatment for those suffering from insomnia.  Hypnotherapy can help an individual to relax, both mentally and physically, using varying relaxation techniques.  Hypnotherapy can also help an individual to understand some of the causes of insomnia and sleeping problems.

Many people suffering from insomnia believe they are not going to be able to sleep, which often means they don’t.  Hypnotherapy can help to re-educate an individuals mind to expect a good night’s sleep.

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